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Fermented and Bottled
Blaand, the fermented whey drink, has been made in the wilder parts of Scotland for centuries; it was originally introduced by the Vikings, who themselves probably encountered the drink on their overland journeys to the Black Sea.
(It is still made by shepherds in the Carpathian mountains, as they move their flocks from pasture to pasture through the seasons, and I believe that it may also be made on remote farms in Norway and Sardinia).

Shetland fishermen took casks of Blaand to sea with them, and in many parts of Scotland where the Temperance Movement was strong in the 19th century, ale and whisky may have been abjured, but Blaand fermentation continued, with the excuse that the drink possessed elixir-like medicinal properties! Production was always a domestic affair on individual farms.

As cheese and butter making disappeared from farms in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s, so also fermentation of whey was abandoned, and Blaand disappeared: it might well be termed “Scotland’s Forgotten Drink”. FALLACHAN is a Scots word (from the Gaelic), meaning “Hidden Treasure”.Appropriate, I believe, for a product which deserves to be rediscovered: its bouquet and taste are unique and their qualities fascinate.

I particularly recommend drinking FALLACHAN, chilled, with my own LANARK BLUE CHEESE!